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Our responsibility

What is health? Which dietary supplements are good for women? What should I eat in order to feel good? What organic skin care is good? How should I work out in order to feel good? At Healthwell, we want to help you find the answers to these questions. Because we believe that knowledge and actions easily lead to making more healthy choices in everyday life.

Environmental efforts

We know that all people leave a footprint on the environment, not least us as a growing company. We therefore believe it is important to take our responsibility. Since we also want to help our customers make sustainable choices, we constantly adopt environmentally intelligent solutions in terms of products, transport, as well as our approach.

To reduce our environmental footprint, our office and warehouse are located in a BREEAM-certified building, which means that it meets the stringent requirements imposed on environmentally certified buildings. Among other things, we get our heat from local industries, the building has water-efficient faucets, and all our waste is sorted and recycled. Thanks to this, we reduce the company’s energy consumption.

We also make sure that our own range of products is as locally produced as possible. Most of our production takes place in Sweden and in the rest of Europe, and our packaging is made by recycled paper. All to reduce our environmental impact.


When you buy products from us at Healthwell, we want you to feel confident that you always get the best. Our entire range of products, from dietary supplements to foods and beauty products, must maintain high quality and we carefully select which products to stock. We perform regular self-checks on our own products, ensuring quality in both taste and appearance. Our products always have expiration dates that extend way into the future to give you plenty of time to use what you buy from us.


We have a great responsibility towards you as a customer so that you feel you can trust the fact that you receive safe supplements and foods that comply with every regulation. We stay up-to-date with the latest research and we comply with the rules and regulations of EFSA (European Food Safety Authority).

The procedures used in the production of our dietary supplements are in accordance with the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) approach. With this approach, the foods are controlled throughout production to ensure their safety for you as a consumer. We also comply with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), which is a regulatory framework for the manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceuticals and health foods. In addition, our Vegetarian Friendly stamp ensures that the content is adapted to those who want to use vegetarian dietary supplements.